CSPs exposed to devastating impact from DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks might have a devastating impact on the business of communications service providers (CSPs) according to a new report published by research company Heavy Reading.

The report, entitled: DDoS Attacks: Opportunities & Threats for CSPs, stated that although CSPs have not been among the most high profile targets of DDoS attacks, incidents like the 2015 attack on Talk Talk, a U.K. Internet service provider (ISP), caused great damage and are of concern.

According to the report authors, “DDoS attacks generate network outages that suspend the ability to bill for service; they are often launched in conjunction with data exfiltration attacks; they trigger penalties for breaches of service-level agreements (SLAs); and they put upward pressure on customer churn.”


Over the last few years, many technological changes have taken place both in the area of DDoS attack creation and CSP network transformation with software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV).

CSPs need to focus on two main things in the face of a DDos attack:

  • Protect its own network uptime
  • Consider a play in the DDoS-protection-as-a-service market, protecting enterprise customers against DDoS attacks penetrating and impacting their network infrastructure


One of the solutions profiled in the report is Telco Systems’ CyberGuard. NFV CyberGuard is a virtualized cybersecurity solution for protecting SDN and NFV infrastructures, which consists of advanced networking probes, NFVI agents, and a big data analytics engine. It provides complete visibility of the entire network, real-time analysis of network threats and the ability to apply cybersecurity policies to the entire infrastructure.

In 2016, NFV CyberGuard received two industry recognition awards, the  Global Excellence Award for Best Security Solution for Telecommunications at the Global Excellence Awards and the Cybersecurity Excellence Award 2016 recognizes the world’s best cybersecurity products, individuals and organizations.

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