Does your network allow to differentiate your services?

With COMPTEL PLUS coming to Las Vegas in a couple of days, I can’t help but recall my marketing experience at a competitive communication service provider.  As a marketing executive, I would receive calls from eager equipment vendors who wanted my support for their product.  My first question to them always was, “Does your gear provide me the ability to differentiate my services relative to the competition?”.  The answer was invariably, “No.”, although their response was typically much longer, and belabored than a simple “No.”.   I’d respond, “Then you should be speaking with our engineering staff on topics like reduced cost, ease of implementation, and superior technical support.”  Needless to say, I didn’t make too many friends in the sales departments of equipment vendors.Now that I’ve started my journey as a marketer with Telco Systems, I’m happy to say that we don’t have to answer that question with a “No.”.  By providing MPLS to the edge, our gear provides the ability to customize new services right up to the client premise.  And we do this without sacrificing reduced cost, ease of implementation, or superior service.  With our new MEF2.0 certification, we can provide an entry level Ethernet product to initiate low cost services (E-Lan, E-Line, E-Tree, and E-Access) that can be upgraded to MPLS with no additional licensing costs.  As one of our clients stated, “Using Telco Systems’ T-Metro and T-Marc MPLS solutions, we were able to gain the benefits of MPLS’ resiliency, redundancy and end-to-end control at a price competitive to other vendors’ Ethernet only solutions.”  Our EdgeGenie management platform provides the ability to implement customized services across our product line for greater ease of implementation and reduced OPEX costs.  Additionally, As a small company, Telco Systems recognizes the labor necessary to compete with bigger players, which is why competitive providers find our technical services second to none.

Now if only I could invent a time machine to get one of our account managers to visit me back at my old position with a competitive service provider.

Please join me at the following COMPTEL PLUS 13 panel:
Application and Vertical Market Drivers for Carrier Ethernet Access Services

Date: March 12th
Time: 9:05 AM
Location: Pinyon Ballroom 5

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