How can service providers leverage modern network technologies?

Service providers are looking for ways to leverage the modern network technologies like multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) or Carrier Ethernet (CE). Telco Systems offers a wide variety of CES (circuit emulation service) products.

Telco Systems explains the main challenges in the market and how to overcome them in a new white paper entitled, Have your TDM and Ethernet too.

The white paper introduces the company’s CES “Family of Products”, which makes this possible. This solution is ideally suited to enterprise organizations, such as telecommunications service providers (TSPs), utilities, governmental entities and transportation companies that are still using TDM and SONET instead of upgrading to Carrier Ethernet or MPLS networks.

Although packet switching-based networks provide more cost-effective communications, in comparison with traditional TDM based networks (PDH, SDH), especially for Internet services, many challenges abound to maintain them.  Among them are the cost of T-1/E1’s & DS-3/E3’s are increasing, carriers are moving away from offering TDM and will only provide an Ethernet connection, and fewer vendors supporting legacy equipment.

TDM over Ethernet

Telco Systems CES “Family of Products” allows the service provider options for the end-user such as; maintaining their Legacy equipment while migrating to the packet based network, or keeping their legacy equipment and connecting into the packet based network.

We at Telco Systems’ provide several individual solutions that can work together as one complete solution.  The white paper provides extensive information about the CES technology and standards, as well as CES features, supported devices & features matrix.  Detailed specifications are also provided for all Telco Systems components in this solution.

With Telco Systems CES supported products and solutions there are no stranded assets as they support multiple technologies within the same equipment.

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