T-Marc 3306 for mobile backhaul, a value-optimized CE 2.0 1GE demarcation device

T-Marc 3306 CPE demarcation device is an advanced 1GE network interface device (NID) for delivering and managing business services and mobile backhaul for multi-carrier networks.

This device represents the ideal combination of affordability and capability, as it combines 8Gb switching capacity, Layer 2 QoS and HQoS functionality, high resiliency, and a host of essential features in a compact 1RU design.

T-Marc 3306 integrates seamlessly and quickly into any network, guaranteeing the security, performance and access required to ensure delivery of next-generation Carrier Ethernet (CE) business services. It is suitable for carrier applications and helps service providers establish a more efficient, reliable and easy-to-manage-and-maintain network.

T-Marc-3306 - 1GE Mobile Backhaul and Business Services NID

As part of Telco Systems’ innovative Open Metro Edge (OME) solution, T-Marc 3306 enables service providers to offer new types of services quickly and flexibly while reducing the cost of carrying traffic. The comprehensive set of OAM tools, small footprint, low power consumption and extended temperature support ensure low operating expenses (OPEX).

Features include:

  • CE 2.0, cost-optimized, 1GE CPE device
  • Advanced layer 2 functionality
  • Redundant uplinks for protected services and link aggregation
  • 8 x 1GE density (supporting any port any role)
  • Industrial model supports SyncE and 1588v2
  • Comprehensive network management by EdgeGenie Orchestrator
  • Compact design allows up to two devices in a single 1RU shelf


Furthermore, T-Marc 3306 is highly interoperable with third-party aggregation devices and can be used as a demarcation device that loops back testing traffic for non-Telco Systems devices.

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