IP-PLUS, a win-win solution for service providers and customers

The constantly increasing demand for bandwidth by enterprise customers, driven chiefly by cloud services and Over-The-Top (OTT) applications as well as the growing demand for L3VPN services, has created a new challenge for communication service providers (CSPs).

Whereas in the past CSPs derived most of their revenues from subscriptions and metered services, the market has changed dramatically. As OTT services such as VonageSkype and Netflix do not contribute to direct income, while using the communication networks and necessitating additional network investments, revenue per Mbit is declining.

To meet the new challenge, Telco Systems has developed the IP-PLUS software downloadable package which allows CSPs to reduce both capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operating expenses (OPEX) and provide superior services all at the same time.


The IP-PLUS enables CSPs to offer L3VPN services while maintaining a moderate cost structure without investing in costly deployment, integration and management of dedicated physical routers at the network edge.

The IP-PLUS software downloadable package offers an advanced set of L3 features on top of Telco System’s rich Metro Ethernet and transport networks features which enables it to provide both L2VPN and L3VPN using a single access device.

CSPs can remotely download the IP-PLUS software package to the device when and where needed. For example, a customer that is already connected to the network through T-Marc NID and now requires a L3VPN service can be provisioned to the service by remotely downloading the IP-PLUS software to its device without the necessity for a single truck.

Moreover, there is no need to retain different devices for L2 and L3 services, which require CSPs to use more spare parts, invest in additional training, pay higher certification fees and expend more resources.

As the IP-PLUS is compatible with Telco Systems’ T-Metro and T-Marc products lines, this is a one-box solution located on the customer’s premises or across the aggregation layer.

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