Making MPLS cost-effective at the Edge

Christoph Liobl (Silver Server), Stan Hubbard (Light Reading) and Nir Daube (Telco Systems)

During the EANTC Interop event at MPLS & Ethernet World Congress, Telco Systems’ T-Metro and T-Marc devices successfully extended MPLS capabilities to the customer edge enabling improved scalability and end-to-end management. The Company’s EdgeGenie Service Management System eased service creation and provided visibility of the service across third-party MPLS core devices. In another test, interworking of ERPS (Ethernet ring) with IP/MPLS was demonstrated to create redundancy in both L2 Ethernet and MPLS level.  The EANTC Interop Event was definitely testament to the viability of extending MPLS in the edge.

Costs have been the primary gating factor for providers to deploy MPLS-capable devices in the edge network, and many operators resist implementing this technology at the edge for management reasons. Telco Systems has broken the cost barrier by bundling MPLS and Ethernet into a carrier-built device that does not require licensing fees, and solved the management problem with its EdgeGenie Service Management to provide visibility into how services are being delivered end-to-end.

More on these tests as well as other tests can be read at:

EANTC MPLS Ethernet WC 2012 White Paper

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