What are the benefits of MEF CE 2.0 certification program?

Carrier Ethernet equipment vendors wish to ensure that their products meet customers’ requirements and conform to the Carrier Ethernet specifications and highest quality standards.

One of the ways ensure this, is by getting certification for your product and services by a well established professional organization, such as the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF).

The Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE 2.0) program is the MEF framework, through which service providers and equipment vendors can demonstrate their compliance with globally recognized MEF Carrier Ethernet service specifications.

CE 2.0 standards accelerate the deployment of Carrier Ethernet services by reducing the time and resources required to assess service offerings and equipment. This reduction of effort increases the likelihood of providing services that are fully featured, standardized for global deployment, and optimizes bandwidth use and costs.

CE 2.0-certified

The program was designed to verify the conformance of each of the following types of services:

  • E-Line (EPL and EVPL)
  • E-LAN (EP-LAN and EVP-LAN)
  • E-Tree (EP-Tree and EVP-Tree)
  • E-Access (Access EPL and Access EVPL)


Each type of service requires different combinations of service and performance attributes defined in MEF technical specifications, and include User Network Interface (UNI), External Network-to-Network Interface (E-NNI), Ethernet Virtual Connection (EVC), and Operator Virtual Connection (OVC).

The test plan covers MEF 6.1, MEF 10.2, MEF 26.1, MEF 33, and MEF 23.1, and is composed of 293 test cases for Service Attributes and 387 test cases for Traffic Management. The major features include multiple classes of service (including various CoS labels and color identifiers), standardized performance tiers and metrics, end-to-end service fault management, standardized granularities for traffic management (up to 10G), and standardized wholesale interconnect service (including E-NNI and OVC).

Telco Systems has been playing an active role in the MEF committees for a long time enabling us to help standardize Carrier Ethernet, contribute to various technical specifications and lead the market by introducing standards conforming products prior to most other vendors.

Telco Systems is among the first group of vendors who were certified with the Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE 2.0) certification program for service providers and equipment vendors by the MEF.

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