NFVTime – a secure, flexible virtual customer premises equipment (vCPE)

With demand for cloud access and services by communications services providers from their enterprise customers on the rise, a new class of demarcation device – virtual customer premises equipment (vCPE) – has been born.

vCPEs leverage the processing capability of an Intel processor-powered server configured with multiple service-providing virtual network functions (VNFs).

To address this need, Telco Systems has developed NFVTime. This NFV infrastructure “operating system (OS)” for vCPE deployments, delivers a complete NFV environment. It combines open source virtualization and performance software with its own technology for security and manageability.

NFVTime-OS is Foundation of Secure, Flexible vCPE

NFVTime is a turnkey solution with all the benefits of open source software, and added security, performance, and management and orchestration (MANO) features that CommSPs require.

The NFVTime suite enables communications service providers and managed services providers (MSPs) utilize NFV to generate agile, cost-effective managed services with minimal pre-investment.

Compared to fixed-function devices, the NFVTime-OS suite facilitates the cost and performance benefits of NFV that come from separating hardware from software and network functions. It also allows communications service providers and MSPs to mix and match between vendors and technologies, which can shorten time to revenues.

The use of VNFs adds agility to the edge of the network by allowing communications service providers to easily deploy or wind down customer services to meet customer needs and provide the network agility they seek.

Key Benefits for Communications Service Providers:

  • Fully open vCPE
  • Optimized for SD-WAN
  • High performance, small footprint
  • Real zero touch deployment
  • Short time to service
  • Flexible deployment models
  • Robust provisioning and controller servers


NFVTime-OS Architecture

NFVTime-OS Architecture

NFVTime Suite Components include:

  •  NFVTime-OS for vCPE and – An open-source, thin and robust NFVi-OS that turns any x86-device, low or high resource hardware, into a fully operational vCPE.
  • NFVTime-Access – runs NFVTime-OS and is auto-configured out-of-the-box for customer needs with any combination of vRouter, vFW, vSD-WAN and any other VNF service from Telco Systems partners.
  • NFVTime Central – Network controller and provisioning server.
  • NFVTime-SEC, CyberGuard – NFV cyber security solution, protecting the NFV infrastructure against next-generation security vulnerabilities.
  • NFVTime-Alliance – a broad ecosystem for SDN-NFV services including partners and certified hardware and VNFs vendors.


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