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Who we are

Telco Systems, a BATM Company designs, develops and markets leading edge telecom network solutions which enable service providers to create an intelligent end-to-end service assured Carrier Ethernet/MPLS network. These solutions support multiple services with a high degree of reliability, assurance and guaranteed service quality to enable service providers to differentiate their offering, transform the user experience and lower their overall operating expense.
Revolutionizing service-aware carrier networks to optimize multi-service MPLS/Ethernet delivery

Telco Systems’ purpose-built Carrier Ethernet solutions utilize its robust BiNOX operating system that supports a wide variety of technologies including Ethernet, MPLS, and Circuit Emulation Services (CES). These technologies are complemented with a complete set of OAM (operations, administration and maintenance) tools, extensive Quality of Service capabilities, and time synchronization options which allows service providers to deliver a fully end-to-end service-aware solution across both Ethernet and MPLS networks.
With a strong focus on end-to-end solutions that generate value for customers and help them realize the potential of a connected world, Telco Systems solutions focused around four primary vertical marketing - carrier cloud networking and cloud services, business Ethernet services , mobile backhaul and AvancedTCA (ATCA) switching blades that provides carriers with advanced applications and services. Its broad product offerings extend from the edge of the network to the core and edge of the cloud .This extensive product offerings are supported by a leading service management system.

Carrier Cloud Connectivity

Telco Systems supports the carrier’s cloud-to-edge and cloud-to-cloud connectivity requirements with a robust end-to-end service oriented Ethernet and MPLS solution. This solution allows carriers to overcome the unique challenges that cloud services add by offering low latency, high availability, improved traffic engineering, and multi-level end-to-end service management. Telco Systems’ solution carrier cloud services provide an end-user experience level that is equal to or better than what users would get off their local network.
Business Ethernet Services

Telco Systems provides a complete solution from demarcation through aggregation that extends to the edge of the core to ensure that the access network can be easily provisioned and managed. These solutions support voice, video and data traffic over an IP/Ethernet network to create a high degree of reliability, service assurance and guaranteed service quality demanded by enterprise customers. By supporting flexible transport options like Q-in-Q, VPLS and HVPLS, and MPLS closer to the customer, providers can scale their network to support more customers and more services while optimizing network resources.
Mobile Backhaul Solutions

Telco Systems’ innovative solutions for mobile backhaul address challenges relating to synchronization, reliable Multi-CoS and OAM mechanisms. These solutions are designed to fit transparently into the operator’s network and offer a cost effective means to deliver IP services while lowering “cost per bit”. This provides tremendous bandwidth scalability and advanced traffic management required for migration from 2G to high bandwidth HSPA+, WiMAX , LTE and LTE advanced services.

Telco Systems’ T-ATCA 1/10/40G switch blades include a field-proven, carrier-grade network operating system, BiNOX, that provides a robust field proven operating and networking solution with a complete set of capabilities for traffic engineering, load balancing, OAM, HQOS and assured quality of service running at ultra-high speeds for AdvancedTCA platforms.

By integrating networking capabilities such as traffic engineering MPLS/Ethernet, VPNs, OAM, and HQoS into off-the-shelf ATCA switch blades, system integrators, TEMS and NEPS can offer a networking solution that ensures high performance between blades. The results are highly reliable and available communication within the network. Integrators can focus on their core business, accelerate application development, and shorten time to market.
Service Management

EdgeGenie service management platform allows providers to focus on the end-to-end service delivery in order to meet the necessary SLA fulfillment, service assurance and service engineering functions that are critical to meeting customer expectations. EdgeGenie Service Management System supports the full life cycle of Ethernet/MPLS services, easing provisioning, minimizing truck rolls, and simplifying planning, optimization and maintenance.

Worldwide Customers

Telco Systems’ customer base includes tier 1 and smaller service providers as well as utilities and city carriers who benefit from carrier-grade solutions and a dedicated, responsive customer service focused on solving customer challenges. The company has an installed base of $2 billion worldwide.


Established in 1972, Telco Systems has over 30 years of experience in the design and development of high-performance network communication equipment.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of BATM Advanced Communications (London stock exchange ticker symbol: BVC), the company has access to over 400 engineers and scientists through BATM’s integrated research and development program between all its subsidiary companies. Since its founding in 1992, BATM has excelled in the design and manufacture of innovative solutions for the telecommunications industry.

Headquartered in Mansfield, MA and Yokneam, Israel - Telco Systems has offices throughout the world including the United States, Germany, France, Singapore, and Australia.