Telco Systems’ T-ATCA 1/10/40G switch blades include a field-proven, carrier-grade network operating system, BiNOX, that provides a robust field proven operating and networking solution with a complete set of capabilities for traffic engineering, load balancing, OAM, HQoS and assured quality of service running at ultra-high speeds for AdvancedTCA platforms.

By integrating networking capabilities such as load balancing , traffic engineering MPLS/Ethernet, VPNs, OAM, and HQoS into off-the-shelf ATCA switch blades, system integrators, TEMS and NEPS can offer a networking solution that ensures high performance between blades. The results are highly reliable and available communication within the network. Integrators can focus on their core business, accelerate application development, and shorten time to market taking advantage of the great knowledge and experience on Telco systems in networking.