EdgeGenie Orchestrator™

CE 2.0 & SDN/NFV Management System

EdgeGenie Orchestrator Carrier Ethernet (CE) 2.0, software defined networking (SDN) & network functions virtualization (NFV) service management system (SMS) offers a modular and complete solution for the full life cycle of network deployment, from planning to managing, monitoring and maintaining Ethernet services.
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Telco Systems’ EdgeGenie Orchestrator Carrier Ethernet 2.0, SDN & NFV service management system offers a modular and complete solution for the full life cycle of network deployment, from planning to managing, monitoring and maintaining Ethernet services. With a modular approach, EdgeGenie Orchestrator enables service providers to future-proof their networks as they transition from CE 2.0 to SDN and distributed NFV (D-NFV) technologies.

EdgeGenie Orchestrator’s modules include a Carrier Ethernet and multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) end-to-end service management system with an SDN controller (TelcoController) module that manages OpenFlow switches, and an NFV Orchestrator (TelcoOrchestrator) module that directs distributed NFV deployments, including TelcoApps VM initiation, configuration and maintenance, service attachment and chaining, and virtual network functions (VNF) resiliency.

CE 2.0 Service Management System
EdgeGenie Orchestrator was designed to deliver CE 2.0 services end-to-end with optimal resiliency, quality of service (QoS) and operation, administration, and maintenance (OAM) monitoring as required by each network. It simplifies service creation and allows service providers to unleash all of the devices capabilities while reducing the time required for configuration and eliminating configuration mistakes. 

EdgeGenie Orchestrator offers flexible transport technologies including .1Q, Q-in-Q and IP/MPLS. EdgeGenie Orchestrator also offers many dynamic configuration capabilities like service modification and rerouting.

SDN Controller
EdgeGenie Orchestrator’s TelcoController module integrates OpenDaylight (ODL) stacking to manage OpenFlow 1.3 switches. This includes end-to-end service management of OpenFlow switches and non-OpenFlow switches on the same topology, full FCAPS support and SDN planning tools. 
EdgeGenie Orchestrator uses network configuration protocol (NETCONF), YANG and OpenFlow southbound protocols as SDN next generation management protocols, and HTTP on the northbound interface. Using these advanced protocols will enable customers to assure smooth and rapid configuration including rollback and commits, as well as very short integration of other devices that utilize NETCONF and YANG. EdgeGenie Orchestrator’s OpenFlow support enables service providers to utilize OpenFlow technology and start delivering flow based services with higher granularity.

Distributed NFV Orchestrator
EdgeGenie Orchestrator has a new orchestration module – TelcoOrchestrator – which can be purchased separately to enable the full orchestration of the D-NFV edge solution. Using OpenStack, TelcoOrchestrator’s module, allows service providers to deploy multiple VNFs, activate them and attach them to the service in a matter of minutes.

TelcoOrchestrator simplifies service chaining with an intuitive GUI that sets the service chains across the network edge. TelcoOrchestrator also helps service providers to monitor the VMs during their entire lifetime, and to enable VM migration and VM resiliency for the different VNFs.

End-to-End Service Management for SDN, Carrier Ethernet and Legacy Devices
Unique approach for enabling to create a single service (L2, MPLS) including devices with different management layers and protocols: OpenFlow, NETDONF, CLI, and more. Modular approach provides the ability to embed multiple controllers, such as multiple ODL versions, and other third-party controllers. EdgeGenie Orchestrator includes a fully integrated control and NFV orchestration functionality, enabling in a unified process to provision network service and VNF.

Advanced Usability
EdgeGenie Orchestrator Carrier Ethernet service management solutions’ next-generation GUI design streamlines the usage of the system to save time and manpower costs. Quick action buttons enable operators to access a wide range of options without going through a series of pull-down menus. This unique navigational design simplifies complex operational procedures for network operators.

The system offers a customer network management portal (CNM) which provides users with access to real-time monitoring to verify that the assured service level agreement (SLA) is actually being delivered. The system is designed to ensure high availability and solution reliability, providing solution and service manageability at all times.

  • End-to-end multi-protocol service provisioning, including both MPLS and Ethernet transports
  • NFV Orchestrator to manage TelcoApps VM full life cycle
  • SDN support using embedded OpenDaylight OpenFlow Controller
  • NETCONF/YANG and OpenFlow southbound protocols managing SDN network elements
  • Next generation GUI design
  • Robust and scalable multi servers’ architecture with full component resilience
  • End-to-end computation of redundant paths to protect services
  • Root cause analysis for service-affecting faults
  • GUI-based service analyzer for quick visual access to services
  • Customer Network Management to allow end users to manage their own services
  • Standard WSDL north-bound interface
  • Embedded OpenStack and OpenDayLight controllers
  • Fully control Carrier Ethernet and MPLS networks with advanced FCAPS functionality
  • Enable and monitor end-to-end services over Ethernet and MPLS networks
  • Lower OPEX by reducing complexity of service provisioning
  • Identify network bottlenecks and improve resource utilization
  • Create “what if” scenarios on their existing network topology,
  • Define, measure and analyze customer SLAs.
  • Identify key performance and quality indicators
  • Manage all supported devices through a real-time craft interface
  • Embedded OpenStack controller for NFV lifecycle management
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