451 Research: Telco Systems gears up for NFV & IoT

451 Research, an International information technology research and advisory company, issued a report last month about Telco Systems entitled: “Telco Systems gears up for NFV and the Internet of Things.

In the report, senior analyst Christian Renaud examines Telco System’s current market position in the context of its product Virtual customer premises equipment portfolio, competitors and the industry at large.

The report emphasizes that Telco Systems has tightly integrated Ethernet access and aggregation capabilities with embedded virtualization, lifecycle management and a partner ecosystem.


The author notes that carrier­ focused vendors such as Telco Systems, Adtran, Alcatel­Lucent and Cisco have announced differentiated approaches to virtual CPE (vCPE) in their portfolios, with Telco Systems upping the ante by folding Internet of Things (IoT) into its broader (Network Functions Virtualization) NFV offering, and building an ecosystem of third parties with its network functions application store.

451 divides Telco Systems’ products into three different areas:

Renaud concluded that “Telco Systems’ approach to virtualization on CPE is smart given the early stage of NFV deployments, and it gives the company flexibility moving forward on when and where to distribute functions as needed. Its application store should appeal to third-party network service vendors that wish to exploit the company’s footprint with carriers as a channel to market. The IoT gateway device is early to market, and it’s a strategic bet that carriers will embrace the developing IoT connectivity opportunity.


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