An introduction to Telco’s E-Access Plus

Telco System’s Director of Global Solutions Engineering, Daniel Bravarnik, just returned from speaking at MEF GEN14, the global gathering of the Carrier Ethernet (CE) community defining the future of network-enabled cloud, data, and mobile services powered by the convergence of CE 2.0, Software Defined Networking (SDN), and virtualization technologies.

Daniel gave a presentation there explaining Telco System’s E-Access Plus SolutionThe Changing Nature of Competitive Differentiation in the Wholesale Market.

Daniel Bravarnik Speaking at MEF GEN14

E-Access Plus is an expansion of Telco System’s E-Access and provider interconnection solutions that enables flexible external network-to-network interfacing (E-NNI) for its customer install base. E-Access Plus enables adjustable E-NNI to address the evolving challenges of the exchange application, including multi-tagging technology, any traffic level manipulation, optimized quality of service (QoS), and automated provisioning of access network interconnections.

Daniel’s presentation outlined the E-Access operation’s numerous challenges, ranging from cost maintenance and management to resiliency, interoperability and ROI, among many more.

The presentation also reviewed Carrier Ethernet interconnection fundamentals, and explained the benefits that various network technology solutions provide to carriers.

Moshe Shimon, Telco Systems’ VP of Product Management summed it up saying that “With E-Access Plus, providers are able to benefit from operation simplicity, fast time to market, simple manageability, and highly flexible edge solutions.”


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