ATCA Summit highlights

At the end of a successful ATCA show in San Jose, CA with Best of Show award for Best Software Product for the T-HUB 4

The Best of Show Software on Telco Systems new 40G T-HUB 4 ATCA card with integrated load balancing, wirespeed 40G perfromance, IP v6, OAM, and MPLS support.

Aviv Miller, Product Manager ATCA products for Telco Systems with the new 40G T-HUB4 Ethernet switching blade

The Windriver (owned by Intel) was showing their Hypervisor product which is useful as an embedded virtualization tool that can be useful to help migrate single core applications to multicore CPUs and port software applications to different CPU platforms transparently

ADAX provides legacy Sonet/SDH ATCA cards for legacy services integration on small mezzanine cards

Freescale shows their new multimode radio Picocell design using their new DSP design. expect Picocells to be a hot item as mobile operators extend coverage for their LTE networks.

Examples of ADAX legacy ATM and Sonet ATCA mezzanine cards

Interesting new ATCA company using the new openflow standard for switch virtualization. OpenFlow allows you to easily deploy innovative routing and switching protocols in your network. It is used for applications such as virtual machine mobility, high-security networks and next generation ip based mobile networks.

Telco Systems plus Advantec produce a winning combination for our security customer with award winning T-HUB 4


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