Launch of MEF France


On February 21st  a group of Carrier Ethernet Experts met at the Orange Lab Facility in Paris to launch MEF activities in France.
The purpose of the meeting was to raise the profile of Carrier Ethernet in France and discuss how the MEF can better educate French service providers as well as to facilitate discussions on CE2.0 and E-Access.
A variety of Service Providers and Equipment Manufacturers attended the meeting.This was an opportunity to bring together a growing number of MEF members in France and help key players in the French telecom market to better understand how the global phenomenon of Carrier Ethernet has an impact on the enterprise and residential markets in France.

The agenda highlights included:

  • MEF introduction
  • Overview –  technical specifications : OAM ,Multi-CoS, UNI & NNI
  • MEF standardized services – E-Line, E-LAN, E-TREE and the new E-Access
  • MEF French group – Action plan and steps for future development

The meeting was very fruitful and was a great opportunity to discuss E-access and CE2.0 and their implications on various sizes of French service providers. It was also discussed how different services are delivered. In additional Quality of Service, and how OAM gets aligned to it and to the committed SLA got a lot of attention as well as mobile backhaul  synchronization and SDN combined cloud services for service providers.

The French team agreed to meet during the upcoming MPLS World Congress in Paris to discuss next steps for MEF Activities in France including ideas for Enterprise (business Ethernet services) and Wholesale services activities.

If you are MEF member we encourage you to review the slides that were presented by Francois Tournesac, MEF French Marketing Co-Chair, and Sylvain Desbureaux, Orange labs.

The slides (access for members only) can be found at
If you would like to get involved please reach out to either Francois Tournesac, French Marketing Co-chair, MEF at or to me at


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