How to improve customer’s satisfaction by pushing MPLS down to the edge

Have you ever visited a city that has a brilliant public mass transportation system which gets you quickly and efficiently to wherever you want to get to in the city center? A superb system that moves you from one place to the other, with, few or almost no stopovers? A place, where there is no need to change transport means or system – just hop on and you are where you need to be on time and with no hassle?

If you have ever come across such a dreamlike system, you will know the feeling of disappointment when you return home and have to get used again to your local public transport system, which requires a long waiting time, or spending precious hours in crawling traffic.

The telecommunication world in many ways resembles the transportation field, especially when it comes to Metro Ethernet networks. At the core, traffic moves around quickly and efficiently and many services are available, providing end-to-end service assurance. At the edge of the network, however, things are completely different.

How nice would it be to have a quick and efficient mass line dedicated just for you, with a stop right at your doorstep in suburbia? In the telecom industry, this is not a dream and you can already benefit from an amazing existing transportation line by adding MPLS technology to the network edge.

Pushing MPLS technology down to the edge enables service providers to offer additional services to their business customers. It also helps service providers to offer different Service level Agreements (SLA) to customer traffic or application.

10G Metro MPLS

MPLS has become popular due to its capability to form multi-service networks with high speed. It can support pre-provisioned routes that are virtual circuits across the network. Provision for backing up multiple service categories containing different forwarding and drop priorities is available with this technology. Multiprotocol label switching addresses common networking problems such as scalability, speed, quality of service (QoS) and traffic engineering, and offers them a viable and effective solution.

MPLS to the edge benefits:

  • Network consolidation – utilizes the same transport protocol to ensure service performance
  • Increased scalability – scales easily to support an almost unlimited number of customers and services
  • End-to-end service assurance – services are identified and assured throughout the network
  • Optimize network resources – supports significantly more services and creates a more deterministic network
  • Simplified service management – simplifies service provisioning, monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Reduce network congestion – offers sophisticated traffic engineering options
  • Lower CAPEX and OPEX – reduces the number of resources required in the core equipment and places them in the access position where they are simpler and more cost effective


At Telco Systems we have identified the need to move MPLS to the edge and offer MPLS transport technologies, providing high flexibility in network design and future proofing the network with no additional software licenses. Telco Systems’ EdgeGenie Service Management Systems turns MPLS into a practical solution by:

  • Automating all service provisioning
  • Providing advanced service status monitoring, including root cause analysis and service analyzer tools
  • Monitoring performance and resource usage, including notifications on threshold crossing
  • Analyzing and forecasting bandwidth capacity shortfalls
  • Planning for future network requirements


Based on a common, sophisticated network operating system that adapts easily to evolving standards, our devices offer a true state-of-the-art multi-services access solution to allow real network consolidation of multiple service types in one unified infrastructure.

We truly believe that we can guarantee service providers that by deploying/utilizing our solutions and pushing MPLS closer to the customers, end users will benefit from all the advantages of the core network at the access and enjoy better quality of experience.

Have a safe trip back home…


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