Introducing IP-PLUS, a layer 3 enhancement for Telco Systems’ Carrier Ethernet portfolio

Service providers require IP functionality in aggregation parts of their networks. In order to meet this need, Telco Systems has released the new IP-PLUS software package, which enables service providers to remotely deploy IP-related services from the metro or even from the CPE.

The requirement for IP functionality derives from the need to provide services such as L3VPN, Dedicated Internet Access (DIA). Telco Systems developed the new software package in order to avoid the massive and costly deployment of routers throughout the entire network previously required.

IP-PLUS is downloadable Layer 3 software for Telco Systems’ Carrier Ethernet portfolio. The innovative L2 plus L3 offering joins just a handful of high-end devices that cover the full access domain.

IP-PlusIP-PLUS enables two-in-one functionality with the option for operators to purchase with “pay as you grow” on-demand licensing through a simple software download. This product expands the best-of-breed full carrier-grade capabilities of Telco Systems’ T-Marc and T-Metro devices, adding essential capabilities, including HQoS, advanced resiliency, SLA monitoring and full MEF 2.0 support.

“We can’t wait to demonstrate how each of our established and trusted products can be easily enhanced to become a two-in-one device that can have a dramatic impact on service provider offerings by deploying the IP-PLUS software package,” said Moshe Shimon, VP Product Management and Marketing at Telco Systems.

“The ‘pay as you grow’ purchase model allows our customers to activate additional L3 services only as needed.”

Mobile operators can also use IP-PLUS enhancement package for cell site router deployments, while taking advantage of full T-Marc family capabilities such as end-to-end synchronization, advanced OAM and HQoS for LTE traffic.


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