Metro Ethernet weatherproof demarcation – any service, any place, any time

As dependence on Internet penetrates our lives all across the globe, service providers are being confronted with new challenges on many fronts.

One particular challenge stems from the installation of equipment externally on a physical structure, securing the equipment and protecting it from harsh environmental conditions, such as high winds, rain and temperature fluctuations.

In such an unpredictable environment, telecommunications service providers must continue to deliver Ethernet services to commercial customers, backhauling data from wireless carriers. Moreover, they need to provide cities with internet services for surveillance, monitoring and controlling traffic, and communications between departments within the city administration.

Telco System’s solution for this scenario is the T-Marc weatherproof demarcation (WD). This Carrier Ethernet MEF 2.0, MPLS and Layer 3 VPN device ships “out of the box,” ready for installation as a single managed entity.


It is not necessary to coordinate with building managers or wholesale carriers, and there is no need to create concrete bases for traditional weatherized pedestals. It can also be installed on existing poles and buildings.

The T-Marc WD supports bandwidths of 100MeGig, 10Gig and T-1’s while offering support for a wide Gig, 10Gig and T-1’s. It also offers support for a wide variety of service application scenarios and network topologies. It can be used for a small pop, aggregation point or for backhauling wireless access points.

The T-Marc WD enclosure solution eliminates associated costs of storage units, enclosures and site preparation, thereby increasing your ROI (return on investment) and lowering TCO (total cost of ownership).

Some of the more common challenges related to Metro Ethernet Weatherproof Demarcation include:

  • Public Wi-Fi requires outdoor installation of aggregation switches and in some cases power feeding over ETH (POE) for the Wi-Fi routers. Other devices such as IP cameras for security also require POE.
  • While unfettered access to the equipment is required 24/7, 365 days a year, many buildings close in the evenings and on weekends.
  • Hardened devices are required that can withstand harsh environments.
  • Each end-user has a different requirement for bandwidth such as less than 100Meg up to a Gig and 10Gig.
  • Many end-users still have T-1’s that will need to be converted to Ethernet or MPLS for transport.
  • There could be requirements for either Carrier Ethernet, MPLS, or Layer3 transport.
  • Specific installations require a battery back-up system.
  • In some cases there is a need to connect multiple buildings in a ring.


The solution for these challenges is the T-Marc WD Weatherized Demarcation device complete network interface device (NID).

The T-Marc WD has multiple aggregation options, including T-Metro 200,  T-Metro 7124S, T-Metro 8001, and T-Metro 8006.

Additionally, the T-Marc WD is driven by Telco Systems’ EdgeGenie Orchestrator Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE 2.0) and software defined networking (SDN) & network functions virtualization (NFV) service management system (SMS).

It offers a modular and complete solution for the full life cycle of network deployment, from planning to managing, monitoring and maintaining Ethernet services.

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