How to offer off-net services or use your network to get more revenues

boostyournetworkMany service providers often come across cases where they need to provide service to a customer with a branch outside of their network coverage area.

Typically, they could go to one of their competitors covering the customer’s branch area, which most likely would not give them the most attractive pricing, as they would prefer to offer the service needed themselves, or, they can go to an inter-connect company, which offers bandwidth and connectivity to providers around the globe . An example of this type of interconnect provider is Global Capacity.

Global Capacity enables customers to accelerate time to market and provide ubiquitous services by automating the procurement of network connectivity. Their solutions provide a consolidated interconnection through which buyers can cost-effectively and efficiently expand their networks and provide a solution to the type of customer we’ve mention earlier.

The same service can be used to allow service providers the use of access bandwidth, and to offer it to other providers by selling it to interconnect companies that have access to many providers that otherwise would not be aware of this network availability.

In order to establish this service, Global Capacity chose Telco Systems’ T-Metro 8006 high density service aggregation platform for its flexibility and scalability, combined with the company’s powerful service management system, EdgeGenie. Global Capacity can achieve a superior total cost of ownership using EdgeGenie to accelerate network planning, deployment, and ongoing management of new services.

This solution allows for flexible bandwidth management and service assurance via robust integrated OAM tools.

“Telco Systems’ CE 2.0-compliant end-to-end Ethernet product portfolio makes a key difference for Global Capacity, “ says Jack Lodge, President of Global Capacity. “Telco Systems’ solutions enable us to rapidly connect new services with the best user experience and assured SLAs”.

“Our customers now have a simple and cost-effective way to gain access to our tremendous Ethernet reach governed by a single service agreement with uniform terms, conditions and SLAs, while mitigating the complexities associated with the management of multiple technical interconnections and vendors,” Lodge concludes.

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