PwC: Carriers should adopt virtualization to enhance operational & delivery models

Telecom carriers should adopt a new operational and delivery model, powered by virtualization technologies, such as software-defined networking/network function virtualization (SDN/NFV), which are driven by business and cost efficiency opportunities, according to a paper published by consulting company PwC.

This recommendation is included in an article entitled: The software-defined carrier: How extending network virtualization architecture into IT BSS/OSS architectures opens up transformational opportunities for telecom and cable operators.

“Extending SDN/NFV principles into IT can unlock a further layer of efficiencies, and enable real progress towards more integrated, much simpler architecture by eliminating a lot of technical and organizational redundancy,“ note the authors of the report, Florian Groene, Christopher Isaac, Harish Nalinakshan and Joseph Tagliaferro.

Expanding SDN and NFV

While the benefits of integrating SDN and NFV are known to operators – improved automation, reduced costs, faster service request response times, and better security and reliability – there are many challenges to making this transition.

The three key challenges identified in this report are:

  • Building a coherent roadmap that is market-backed, and focuses on using virtualization to drive not only bottom-line but also top-line benefits.
  • Transitioning an organization to an operating model that is much more software-focused and embraces concepts such as agile, DevOps, and multi-cloud operations at scale.
  • Relationships with strategic technology suppliers who may not be ready to embrace a software driven approach.


Additional resources

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