SDxCentral: next-gen infrastructure security should be software based

Securing IT services and infrastructure by relying on the deployment of proprietary, purpose-built hardware simply cannot meet the demands of today’s dynamic environments, according to a report published by SDxCentral.

The report, entitled “2016 Next-gen Infrastructure Security Report” noted that today’s solutions must mirror the networks in which they need to be deployed. These solutions must be able to effectively secure all the highly virtualized, hybrid networks, new services and applications and managed, mobile,  Internet of Things (IoT) devices that make up the software-defined everything (SDx) Infrastructure. The authors claim that almost every security function can be delivered in software.

Top Attributes Desired in SDX Security Solutions

The premise for this report by is to address the threats to and challenges of cybersecurity, which are evolving rapidly as a result of cloud delivered IT services and infrastructure.

As threat factors accelerate, so too do the countermeasures and today, there exists a variety of infrastructure solutions that are capable of neutralizing such threats.

Telco SystemsCyberGuard solution is profiled in the report. NFV CyberGuard is a virtualized cybersecurity solution for protecting SDN and NFV infrastructures, which consists of advanced networking probes, NFVI agents, and a big data analytics engine. It provides complete visibility of the entire network, real-time analysis of network threats and the ability to apply cybersecurity policies to the entire infrastructure.

The report highlights three unique attributes of NFV CyberGuard:

  • The solution is designed specifically to protect SDN and NFV networks.
  • It is deployed as a NFV at the network edge at the closest point to all endpoints, providing real-time monitoring and analysis of network threats, complete visibility of the entire network and the ability to apply cybersecurity policies and efforts to the entire infrastructure.
  • NFV CyberGuard includes an open API for integration of external systems and third-party applications and algorithms.

In 2016, NFV CyberGuard received industry recognition in the form of two awards.  First, it was recognized with the Global Excellence Award for Best Security Solution for Telecommunications at the Global Excellence Awards.  Additionally, it was awarded the Cybersecurity Excellence Award 2016  recognizes the world’s best cybersecurity products, individuals and organizations.

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