Silver Server extends MPLS closer to customers

Silver Server, Austria’s largest independent ISP, has deployed Telco Systems’ MPLS edge solution in an effort to scale their network to accommodate more users. The solution is based on Telco Systems’ T-Metro 7224, a provider edge (PE) MPLS device that has enabled Silver Server to backhaul their xDSL DSLAM over fiber while overcoming the limitations of VLAN shortages in their network. The new network design has lowered the overall cost of the access network while allowing it to scale to meet the demands of Silver Server’s customer base.

The T-Metro 7224 enabled Silver Server to create a seamless MPLS network over Layer 2 using pseudowires and HVPLS. “This cost-effective approach offered us an excellent enhancement to our core IP/MPLS backbone by extending the redundancy and scalability features of MPLS to our access network,” stated Christoph Lobl, senior network engineer at Silver Server. “As a unified MPLS network, management of it has been greatly simplified and we have been able to improve protection of all links and nodes with faster convergence times and better traffic engineering.”

With the deployment of the T-Metro, Silver Server has also added a diverse range Ethernet services offering across their network without concern for intermediate technologies or influence on the end-users’ network configuration. As a 10G provider edge device, the T-Metro 7224 was specifically designed to bring MPLS closer to the customer without the high cost and complexity generally associated with MPLS networks. The T-Metro 7224 can augment a carrier’s network architecture by replacing the L2 aggregation with a full MPLS PE solution. By moving more intelligence into the aggregation layer, the carrier reduces the costs and complexities associated with the core equipment expansion, while improving scalability, security and resiliency of their network.

Multi-service aggregation switchThe T-Metro 7224 is equipped with a full set of Ethernet OAM tools to support end-to-end service management and ensure true service assurance in the metro access network. These OAM features combined with HQoS (Hierarchal Quality of Service) offer the mechanisms needed to ensure service delivery regardless of bandwidth availability.

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