T-Metro 8100 100GE service aggregation platform wins TMCNet’s Communications Solutions Product of 2016 Award

Telco Systems has won the Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award from news and information company TMCNet.

Telco Systems received this award recognition for its recently released T-Metro 8100 100GE service aggregation and Cloud Gateway platform.

The Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the communications industry and honors exceptional products that improve voice, data and video communications services.

Communications Solutions Product of 2016 Award

“Congratulations to Telco Systems for being honored with a Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMCNet. “T-Metro 8100 and its support for 100GE is truly innovative and is opening new possibilities to the metro communication market. I look forward to continued excellence from Telco Systems in 2017 and beyond.”

T-Metro 8100 allows telecom service providers to aggregate multiple services over 1GE, 10GE and 100GE port rates in a metro Ethernet/MPLS environment:

  • Carrier-grade service scalability and resiliency along with a comprehensive feature set that supports QoS and OAM capabilities.
  • Allows service providers to offer cloud-based business Ethernet and mobile backhaul services to the network using star or ring topologies.
  • Support to supporting Carrier Ethernet 2.0, MPLS and IP (Layer 3)
  • Full support for OpenFlow, NETCONF and YANG


Thanks to these advanced features the new T-Metro 8100 is positioning service providers to future proof their infrastructure for SDN and NFV.

“We are very proud to receive another award recognition for one of our new product innovations,” said Raanan Tzemach, Vice President of Product and Marketing at Telco Systems. “Our product support for 100GE access enables more telcos to improve network performance, provide better services and meet the constantly increasing demand for additional bandwidth.”

Telco Systems will be exhibiting T-Metro 8100 along with the company’s entire portfolio of telecommunications networking solutions next week at UTC Region 1 & 2 Combined Regional Meeting in Portland.


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