Telco System presents at Neptune’s first multi-vendor vCPE demonstration

Telco Systems played a major role in a general demonstration of pioneering software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) technologies organized by Neptune, the innovative Israeli Consortium for Network Programming. The consortium consists of leading Israeli equipment vendors, service providers and research institutions.

Telco Systems integrated and tested its NFVTime vCPE solution which was specifically designed to run any VNF on any X86 platform and over Telco Systems hybrid virtual customer premises equipment (vCPE) which integrates CE/MPLS and open X86 compute.


The consortium demonstration was an expression of Neptune’s mission: to build on the SDN and NFV technologies currently being developed by global standards development organizations, industry specification groups and open source communities.

In particular, Neptune strives to dramatically reduce the time required to deploy new services and even completely new service types, to enable more efficient exploitation of network and computational resources, and to facilitate faster and more intelligent responses to network events.

The NFVTime, which provides an NFVi operating system for any generic X86 hardware, is an open and neutral full NFV service environment which allows telecom service providers and network integrators a smooth launch path to NFV services.

Telco Systems demonstrated in the Neptune demonstration world’s first multi-vendor vCPE deployment scenario, in which a single service provider OpenStack controller established end-to-end services terminating on vCPEs.

In line with Neptune’s vision, Telco Systems’ NFVTime Central is a complete remote management and control system for modern NFV edge deployments. It provides zero touch provisioning (ZTP), disaster recovery (backup/restore) and vCPE controller for devices and services deployed with the NFVTime solution.

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