Telco Systems and Advantech to jointly offer vCPE solution for SMB Segment

Telco Systems partnered with Advantech to provide an open vCPE solution enabling high performance VNF services on cost optimized hardware. The partnership between the two companies enables the rapid deployment of Telco Systems’ NFVTime open vCPE across a range of Advantech white box appliances.

By deploying this joint open vCPE solution running on high performance, cost optimized white box appliances, telcos and managed service providers can efficiently expand their vCPE-based NFV services targeted at small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) and increase the potential revenues for managed network business services from this segment.

Telco System and Advantech

Telco Systems will present its joint solution with Advantech at the upcoming Big Communications Event in Austin, Texas on May 15-17 at booth #B610.

The NFVTime suite is a service-ready, plug-and-play vCPE solution integrating white box hardware, NFVi-OS and a broad VNF portfolio that are centrally managed and orchestrated.

NFVTime allows telcos and managed service providers the agility to smoothly deploy any VNF service, including SD-WAN, vRouter, vFirewall, vProbe, vSecurity and much more, remotely and at any time with zero touch provisioning.

When combined with Advantech’s FWA-1010VC white box vCPE appliance based on Intel Atom architecture and a broad choice of LTE, WiFi, LAN and WAN connectivity, NFVTime simplifies product rollouts no matter which infrastructure is present in a given location.

“NFVTime works seamlessly across Advantech’s white box vCPE range bringing telcos and managed service providers a wider choice of performance, port count and network interface types,” said Ween Niu, General Manager of the Networks & Communications Group at Advantech. “We are excited to be working with Telco Systems, one of the leading innovators for service virtualization, and we have strong expectations that our partnership will help service providers and enterprises to gain benefits earlier by shortening the time-to-deployment.”

“Our joint solution will enable our customers to shorten the time to deployment as the two companies already did the pre-integration work required to ensure vCPE performance, manageability and platform security,” said Raanan Tzemach, Vice President of Product Management at Telco Systems. “For service providers targeting the SMB segment, our collaboration with Advantech is delivering three times the performance at half the cost.”

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