Telco Systems CTO to lead panel at iCU 2017 on deploying NFV and SD-WAN

Telco Systems’ CTO Avi Dorfman will moderate a panel on the challenges and opportunities in deploying network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined wide area network technology (SD-WAN) by communications service providers (CSPs) at the iCU 2017 event, which will take place in Frankfurt, Germany on September 5–6, 2017.

The iCU 2017 panel will discuss how NFV and SD-WAN enable new business opportunities and the technological and business challenges related to these new technologies.

Other participants at the panel include Adrian Brookes, Director, Solution Engineering Global Sales Group at Tata Communications, Sanchaita Datta, President, CTO and Co-Founder at Fat Pipe Networks and Peter Coppens, Global Director Product Management & Marketing at Colt Technology Services.

Communications service providers have been turning to NFV to achieve the network agility required to serve the growing cloud access and services needs of their customers.

iCU Frankfurt 2017

Dorfman will expand on NFV, which is all about speed and agility, i.e., making services and networks more responsive to customer needs with resources that are more elastic. This elasticity makes it possible to calibrate virtualized functions dynamically for optimal operational flexibility.

At the same time, SD-WAN both disrupts and complements today’s traditional static WANs by combining programmability and commercial off-the-shelf hardware to deliver cost-effective, highly elastic alternatives to today’s static MPLS WANs.

The adoption of SD-WAN promises to reduce cost for both service providers and enterprises, thanks to SD-WAN’s ability to deploy services using centralized, programmable software and commodity hardware. Furthermore, some of the most attractive features that SD-WAN has to offer are its automatic provisioning capabilities, flexible transport options and increased security capabilities.

The panel will address questions including:

  • How can service providers benefit from NFV and SD-WAN technologies?
  • What are the new business opportunities?
  • What are the main challenges in deployment of NFV in high-scale networks?
  • Can SD-WAN replace MPLS networks? Is it going to affect service providers’ revenues?
  • What are the main security challenges of NFV technology and what are the available solutions?
  • When will NFV technology be fully adopted by service providers?

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