Telco Systems features two new TelcoApps

Telco Systems is pleased to announce two new additions to the TelcoApps family Virtualized Service Measurement Utility (vSMU) and Virtual Tunnel (vTunnel), following the October launch of vFirewall and vRouter.

vSMU enables rapid virtualization of software agents on edge devices without the need to deploy hardware. It provides accurate service-level measurements and accurate reports of TCP throughput as experienced by service providers’ business customers.

This constitutes a fresh, virtualized approach to service-level assurance with accurate prediction of end-user experience at the Ethernet/IP/TCP/UDP layers. EdgeGenie Orchestrator enables quick deployment of vSMU on Telco Systems’ CloudMetro devices and rapid execution of tests, allowing service providers to certify and guarantee end-customer Ethernet service-level upon handover.

Virtual Tunnel provides encryption for service providers’ business customers for their interoffice, office-to-cloud and hybrid-cloud connections.

These new products will both help service providers smoothly transition to more dynamic, optimized, and cost-effective IT-aware networks.


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