Telco Systems completed a smart city project connecting 150 Louisiana schools to a 100 gigabytes broadband network

Telco Systems, a BATM company, recently completed a project to build a networking communication system with a speed of up to 100 gigabytes in 150 schools and libraries in Louisiana, USA.

This part of a larger-scale, US government smart cities project, known as E-Rate, designed to provide public institutions with access to broadband Internet services to transfer data at significantly high speeds.  The US Congress recently announced funding for this program in the amount of $3.9 billion.

“The transition to smart cities requires the installation of networks that can transmit high volumes of data at high speeds,” explains Avi Dorfman, VP R&D at Telco Systems.  “The configuration and deployment of these networks must enable them to cope with high demand and increasing traffic volumes.  To support this requirement, communication companies are transitioning to using switches and routers that support speeds of up to 100 gigabytes.”

E-Rate program

As part of the program implementation in Louisiana, Telco Systems designed the network in each of the 150 schools, installed the switches to operate 10,000 video lines simultaneously, and connected the schools to a central data center.

Realizing the importance of affordable, high-speed Internet availability in schools and libraries, Congress and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) implemented the E-Rate program to provide discounted telecommunications, Internet access, and internal connections to eligible schools and libraries, funded by the Universal Service Fund (USF).


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