Telco Systems presents the new EdgeGenie Orchestrator for managing D-NFV deployments

The year is drawing to a close but the Telco Systems’ team has been busier than ever this month introducing the new SDN/NFV product – EdgeGenie Orchestrator™.

EdgeGenie Orchestrator is the upgraded Telco System’s management system with added controller and orchestration modules. New system is set to manage Distributed NFV (D-NFV) deployments including virtual machine initiation, configuration and maintenance, service attachment and chaining, and virtual network function resilience. It also provides an OpenFlow southbound interface as well as NETCONF and YANG support, enabling simple SDN implementation and integration with other network devices.

Delivering CE 2.0 services end to end with the required resiliency, QoS and monitoring, enables service providers to future-proof their networks as they transition from CE 2.0 to SDN and Distributed NFV technologies.

EdgeGenie SDN Orchestrator

According to The SDN, NFV & Network Virtualization Bible, published last month, “the variable nature of costs and resources in a service provider environment makes orchestration a significantly complex task in service provider networks in comparison to traditional data center environments. Despite this complexity and other challenges such as vendor interoperability, the market is poised for considerable growth in the coming years.”

This new products will help service providers transition smoothly to more dynamic, optimized, and cost-effective IT-aware networks.


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