Telco Systems reveals first Denverton Atom C3000, deployment-ready open uCPE

Telco Systems launched the first Denverton Atom C3000, open uCPE at the SDN & NFV World Congress 2017 in The Hague, Netherlands.

The new solution was developed in collaboration with Intel, based on Telco Systems’ NFVTime-OS and Nexcom’s hardware. The solution is ready for deployment and is operational.

Intel is expected to announce soon that the uCPE, based on Denverton Atom C3000, is commercially available.

This advanced solution meets a market demand for high performance open uCPE which can run multiple VNF from different vendors over a low cost whitebox, and offers telcos and managed service providers more alternatives to choose the best technology to address their operational environment and business targets.

Raanan Tzemach, VP Product Management and Marketing at Telco Systems, introduced the new uCPE end-to-end solution in an interview presented by Intel Live Broadcast.

Telco Systems’ NFVTime includes multiple layers that allow service providers to rapidly and quickly launch NFV services using Telco Systems uCPE manager, a MANO solution that was specifically designed for uCPE deployment and operation.

NFVTime is an open uCPE software solution which includes:

  • Hardware agnostic NFVi-OS software
  • NFVTime-Central uCPE manager, a MANO software solution
  • NFVTime-Verge, service-ready open uCPE which is pre-integrated with COTS whitebox, NFVi-OS and a selection of VNFs such SD-WAN, managed Vrouter, Vsecurity, and other VNFs which can be added remotely at any time


At the SDN & NFV World Congress, Telco Systems presented a demo of plug-and-play network services deployment for service providers and enterprise use cases such as SD-WAN and security service chain and vRouter and vSecurity service chain.

The demo showed a capability to deploy services in multi-vendor, multi-platform environments, including a whitebox based on ARM and the new Atom C3000 Denverton device.

The demo featured two customers, with headquarters and multiple branches, beginning with a scenario in which the customer wishes to activate a new branch using SD-WAN and Fortinet firewall.

The intention is to automate the process and eliminate the need for onsite support using Telco Systems plug-and-play deployment modules.

NFTTime Demo Setup

The demo showed the capability to ship a non-configured whitebox, e.g., through DHL or FedEx and perform remote plug-and-play configuration and service activation within minutes with minimal operational impact.

How is it done?

The first step is ordering the service through a self-service portal or through placing a buy order, which is shipped by the warehouse directly to the customer. The platform details and service type will be added to Telco Systems uCPE Manager.

After the device arrives at the customer’s premises, once the customer plugs it into the power and by using LTE or wireline connectivity the authentication authorization process begins, devising the uCPE software installation customization and service chaining installation.

Within few minutes, this process is completed and the new branch is added with no need for sending an engineer on-site or for manual intervention. Everything is done in a secure way in the plug-and-play mode, offering an easy and smooth process.

Additional resources

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