Telco Systems to present its vision on LSO and Third Network at MEF Santiago

Telco Systems Senior Solution Engineer Latin America, Gastón Cutignola, will be speaking about lifecycle service orchestration (LSO), network function virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networks (SDN), and Third Network services at two sessions at the MEF Santiago, Chile Tuesday, September 27, 2016.

The event will offer an opportunity to learn how Telco Systems empowers communications service providers to increase revenues, simplify operations and assure customer retention and satisfaction.

MEF Santiago Chile

The first session is entitled: Multi-Operator Service Delivery: From Months to Minutes. The presentation will explain how LSO is the critical enabler of automated and virtualized networks built with SDN and NFV.

Currently, Service Providers need LSO capabilities and supporting APIs to overcome the OSS and BSS obstacles that prevent them from realizing the full benefits of emerging SDN and NFV technologies.

LSO encompasses all network domains that require coordinated inter-operator end-to-end management and control to deliver on-demand cloud connectivity services and to assure their overall quality and security as expressed in the Service Provider SLA.

The second session is entitled: Capturing the Wholesale Ethernet Interconnect Market with CE 2.0 Services. Widely deployed CE 2.0 networking fabrics are the foundation upon which to build Third Network services.

While expanding upon extensive specifications, operational frameworks, and CE 2.0 certification programs, the MEF is also advancing important initiatives like the Ethernet Interconnect Points (EIP) Project and MEF Services Interconnect (MEF-SI) Program that streamline deployment of fully featured interconnections between different service providers to maximize coverage of Third Network-ready infrastructure.

This session will cover the global deployment trends and services development initiatives concerning CE 2.0 Service Lifecycle Process model with new specifications, implementation guides and certification programs. It will cover the different CE 2.0 service types, functionalities and attributes. Finally, it will present the E-Transit and OVC Services as the new Wholesale Ethernet game-changer.

Telco Systems will also be demonstrating its CE 2.0 portfolio with Layer 3 features, the recently announced IP-Plus enhancement package and vCPE NFV CloudMetro solution.

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