Utility networks of today, tomorrow and the future

Telecom operators today are at a crossroads about when and how to upgrade their networks from the current TDM (Time-Division Multiplexing), SONET (Synchronous Optical Networking), and other legacy technologies to Carrier Ethernet or MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching).

Ultimately, the choice before them is to replace everything at once, which can be time-consuming and costly, or to upgrade over time while maintaining some of the older legacy equipment.

The “why” upgrade answers are widely known:

  • Rising costs of these legacy transport methods from the carriers
  • End-of-life – difficulties finding components for older devices
  • Talent – it’s challenging to find engineers and technicians that can service older technologies and legacy networks
  • Newer technologies are feature rich and have many operations, maintenance tools and advantages
  • Newer technologies also provide higher bandwidths with more assurance and security

Utility Networks

Telco Systems has released a new whitepaper that explores the differences, advantages, and benefits of Carrier Ethernet and MPLS both of which are mature technologies, with robust standards for services definitions coming from the MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum).

A key benefit of Carrier Ethernet is its ability to provide consistent, cost-efficient, high-performance end-to-end services connected over the widest variety of access technologies.

Operators reading this paper will also find 11 questions to ask themselves about their current technology and about what their upgrade goals and timeline are.

Among those questions are:

  • Are we ready to give up our current equipment at the substation? Alternatively, would we like to keep that and just connect to a new Carrier Ethernet or MPLS network?
  • What type of ring protection or redundancy would we need?


The white paper also outlines the many products, solutions and combinations that Telco Systems can provide to operators whether they are keeping some of their legacy gear and use CES (Circuit Emulation Service) to connect to a new Carrier Ethernet or MPLS network Telco Systems can help. If you or if they are upgrading a network over time.

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Download the whitepaper, Utility Networks of Today, Tomorrow, and the Future!


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