Media Conversion!

Layer 1 Media Conversion – 100Meg, Gig, 10Gig, T-1, T-3, LPR and Multi-Rate.

In these days of complicated networks there is always a need for simple media conversion to get a circuit from one point to another without changing the characteristics of the data at a very low cost and without the need for a specialized engineer. Occasionally there is also a need for a chassis based system to transport single types of bandwidth to multiple locations over fiber. There could also be a need for transport aggregation - CWDM System increases fiber capacity by placing widely spaced separate wavelengths—between 1310 and 1610 nm—from multiple ports onto a single mode fiber pair on the network.

It all comes down to Media Conversion which offers a flexible and scalable solution for media independent applications (i.e. 10km, 120km, Single-mode and multi-mode).

Telco Systems offers several managed and unmanaged media conversion options:
  • 4 chassis styles to choose from with AC or DC power, rack mount or wall mount
  • Line cards and standalones
  • 10/100 Copper to Fiber
  • 100Meg single mode Fiber to 100Meg multi-mode Fiber with rate limiting
  • 10/100/1000 Copper to 100/1000 Meg Fiber (SFP)
  • 100/1000Meg Fiber (SFP) to 100/1000Meg Fiber (SFP)
  • 1000Meg Copper to 1000Meg Fiber (SFP)
  • 1000Meg Fiber (SFP) to 1000Meg Fiber ( SFP)
  • 100Meg Redundant Copper to Copper and 100Meg Redundant Copper to Fiber with SONAR (Switch On No Activity Received)
  • 1000Meg Redundant Copper to Copper and 1000Meg Redundant Copper to Fiber with SONAR (Switch On No Activity Received)
  • T1 /E1 Copper to Fiber
  • T3/E3 Copper to Fiber
  • “10GE Media converter (from 10GBaseT RJ45 to 10G SFP+) is also available”

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