“TDM and Synchronization over packet”. Have your TDM and Ethernet too!

Who would believe that Telecommunications Service Providers, Utilities, Government entities and Transportation companies would still be using TDM and SONET today? But they are!

There are still end-users that require T-1 or Fractional T-1 for their communications. Utilities and Transportation companies still have low speed requirements for SCADA, 4 wire E&M etc. State, local and the federal government may not have the budget to upgrade. The technicians know the equipment inside and out and it is still functioning with no need to replace it.

What are the challenges?
  • The cost of T-1/E1’s & DS-3/E3’s are increasing
  • The carriers are telling you that they are moving away from offering TDM and will only provide an Ethernet connection
  • There aren’t only T-1/E1’s and DS-3/E3’s but there are also SONET OC-3/STM1’s and OC-12/STM4’s to transport as well
  • End-users have older PBX’s and don’t want to spend the money to upgrade
  • The older legacy equipment is still working and the technicians understand it well, but need to upgrade their networks as fewer vendors are supporting this equipment
  • What can be done to maintain the older legacy equipment while gradually upgrading to Carrier Ethernet or an MPLS network?
  • Do I have to hire someone that knows Ethernet? It is not within our budget.
  • What about timing if I have multiple sources how do I deal with this?

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