Edge Compute for Enterprises

Telco System’s far edge computing utilizes 5G capabilities on-premises to disrupt traditional connectivity with SD-WAN, providing secured access service to the edge and bringing you the freedom of vendor choice for applications. Become an owner of your network and manage all your devices across campuses and sites with an intelligent cloud-based solution.

Manage your Edge Compute services

Run and manage your own functions across networks. Address multiple verticals with one open platform including industry 4.0, manufacturing, telemedicine, retail & consumers, smart cities, transportation and logistics – flexibly tailored to your dedicated business needs.

Maximize Compute Potential

Connect all services in one place and assure quality of service. From flexible onboarding to value-added functions and applications, from progressive microservices tools to CI/CD methodology – the possibilities are endless, with Telco’s fast-paced service launching capabilities.

Simple, intuitive,
and efficient

Edge Compute For Enterprises enables easy service modeling, zero-touch service provisioning, and manageability at scale provides for powerful and fast ROI and implementation.

Expert Hyperscalers

Whether your workload is on a local, public, or private cloud, we provide hybrid management and extensive troubleshooting tools for immediate, resilient deployment – systemwide.

Any Chipset, Maximize Performance

The only platform natively operating on both leading chipset platform – Intel and ARM. Providing for dedicated performance requirements and unmatched price-performance ratio.

The Edge Compute solution for Enterprises includes:


Edgility OS

A low footprint Operation System optimized to extract superior performance from Intel and ARM platforms; allows both NVFi and container-based applications for added value devices.

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Edgility Central

Complete remote management & control system for modern NFV edge deployments; provides zero-touch provisioning, disaster recovery (backup/restore), and a uCPE controller for devices and services deployed with the Edgility solution.

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