Edgility Central

MANO Deployment on private and public cloud

Edgility Central can be deployed on public cloud AWS and Azure , or in private cloud using VMWARE and Openstack.

Nothbound API for system integration with Orchestrator, OSS

Interfaces for integration with multi-domain service orchestration, OSS, BSS, etc.

uCPE Provisioning using templates

Template based uCPE provisioning using UI

uCPE and service monitoring incl.
Centralized uCPE troubleshooting

Template based uCPE provisioning using UI

Single pane of glass for service design

VNF Service Designer and VNF Catalog
- Point and click VNF service designer and single pane of glass for VNF and CNF onboarding

VNF Lifecycle Management

UI for VNF operations such as start/stop/reboot, scaling, VNF network service changes

Technical specifications - Edgility OS

  • uCPE templates
  • Simple Provisioning
  • uCPE and VNF monitoring
  • Alarm management
  • MANO Deployment On Cloud
  • Typical VNF operations: start/stop/reboot, scaling, VNF NS changes (add/remove VNF on service chain)
  • VNF NS is auto-deployed upon ZTP without any user interaction.
  • Point and click service designer.
  • Manage your VNFs and CNFs from a single point.

Additional Product:


Edgility OS

A low footprint Operation System optimized to extract superior performance from Intel and ARM platforms; allows both NVFi and container-based applications for added value devices.

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