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SD-WAN Re-Invented

Fast SD-WAN Technology

Edgility is an Ultra-low cost, agile connectivity and security solution for small office home office (SOHO)

An alternative solution to traditional connectivity.
Instead of relying on the core, Fast SD-WAN provides optimal bandwidth across the network using application based prioritization. Making the costly mechanism in the core obsolete.
For the service provider – its an agile SASE solution, enabling low cost connectivity for SOHO and SMB’s.

Traffic prioritization and load balancing across the network

Class A firewall + threat prevention

Cloud-based management

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Revolutionize Connectivity for small and home office

SD-WAN is connecting more and more enterprises, in various verticals, and turning into their preferred WAN technology.

While this market is already well underway, the recent global trend of remote work and new found requirement for secured connectivity to the home opens new business options for service providers in the emerging SOHO market.

Telco Systems provides a dedicated solution for this new market segment, by providing powerful differentiation both in initial cost and ROI.

Introducing Edgility

Edgility is an SD-WAN & Firewall Suite for service providers. It contains the branch unit and a cloud native management system, pre-integrated, and easy to launch and use. We kept the package:

Price sensitive, so that you can start with a minimal investment..

Simple, so that you can start monetizing quickly.

Fully open, so you can differentiate with innovative services after you establish the business.

Traditional SD-WAN


Edgility Platform Fast SD-WAN technology

Fast SD-WAN technology

of what you need

of the cost

What’s in the box?

The branch unit is a uCPE. It is based on Telco’s operating system (OS) that can run on any low cost device thanks to its low footprint. The SD-WAN & Firewall Package are leading products from our partner Clavister. The Solution enables containers as part of the package, so that you can run any app, whether it is service-analytics related, or a vertical specific app.

The Management System

The Management System gives you full visibility and control over the service level. Operating the network – even complex ones – is done through an intuitive user interface. The system is cloud native, allowing the management team a secured access to all of its capabilities.

SD-WAN + security use-cases

The base of securing business continuity is to ensure that there is connectivity at all times. This may sound simple but can become complex in large networks as redundant links and advanced routing functionality as well as efficient centralized management are required. The greatest advantage may be the fact that it comes with all the security features bundled in the same package. Including:


Secure VPN

Routing & Load Balancing

Active Traffic Optimisation

Visibility & Control


Network Attack Protection




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Want to learn more about FAST SD-WAN technology?

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