Meet Telco Systems at the Layer 123 NFV World Congress event to learn how we empower communications service providers to increase revenues, simplify operations and assure customer retention and satisfaction.

Visit our speaking session by Rami Yaron, Telco System’s VP of Strategy & Business Development, on “Infrastructure Applications in the NFV Era” on Friday, May 8th

In addition, Rami Yaron, also Co-Chair of the MEF Global Marketing Committee, will be presenting in the MEF Third Network seminar on Friday, May 8th at:
Keynote: 10:40 a.m. – LSO
Forum 1: 12:10 p.m. – Infrastructure Applications Transformation in the NFV Era
The MEF Workshop:
o   11:20 a.m. – The Third Network: LSO, SDN and NFV - Speaker
o   13;45 p.m. – Panel: The New Generation of Stakeholders in the LSO-SDN-NFV Era – Moderator
o   14:40 p.m. - Panel: APIs for Orchestration and Automation – Panelist 

Telco Systems would like to share with you our innovative SDN & NFV Open Metro Edge (OME) Portfolio. Telco Systems' OME solutions fully support the company's comprehensive evolution plan for transitioning Carrier Ethernet 2.0 to SDN and NFV architectures. The tools provided with OME are designed to empower service providers and enable them to use their competitive advantages both by optimizing their total cost of ownership and by offering new types of services at a much faster pace to increase their revenues. The key advantage provided with OME is that it’s a full edge solution, but follows a very modular approach. By leveraging the synergies between SDN, NFV and open innovation, every element (demarcation, aggregation, controller, etc.) can be taken separately to fit each service provider’s needs, or can be bundled as a complete solution. Request a meeting to learn more!