Patrick Donegan, Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading 
Moshe Shimon, VP of Product Management and Marketing, Telco Systems 
Avi Cohen, EVP Business Development and Marketing, CELARE Cyber Systems 


Intelligent NFV & SDN networks offer telcos the promise of advanced open virtual infrastructures that are remotely programmable, among other significant benefits. However, NFV network infrastructure also exposes the telcos to cyber threats similar to those facing IT networks. Potential threats include device malware, DDoS attacks, advanced persistent threats (APT) and more. 

In order to identify and combat these highly sophisticated cyber threats, the entire NFV and SDN network perimeter, from infrastructure to applications, must be rigorously protected. This joint Telco Systems-Celare webinar will explore these security challenges. We will present the new Telco Systems-Celare end-to-end NFV cyber security solution, which provides telcos with full visibility across the entire network and initiates immediate defensive action to protect networks from advanced, targeted attacks.