NFVTime for Arm

Plug-And-Play Open uCPE Suite For Arma

Arm-based uCPE white boxes are now available for NFVTime, adding significant value for NFV services. NFVTime utilizes the unique capabilities provided by the Arm architecture to offer higher performance, better security and a more flexible and cost-effective solution.

Backed by a strong strategic partnership with Arm and its SoC partners, NFVTime’s broad VNF and white box ecosystem continues to expand, supporting SD-WAN, vRouter, vSecurity and any other VNF's on Arm white boxes. 
NFVTime for Arm enables CSPs to gain business agility through NFV with software-defined services that can be delivered to the customer edge with the click of a button, avoiding truck roll and expensive OPEX and CAPEX. Based on NFVTime-OS, a robust NFVi-OS, CSPs are able to mix and match hardware, software, and VNFs to create the optimal NFV environment for their requirements.

The Arm architecture provides additional benefits for uCPE, including a diverse ecosystem of SoC solutions offering agility and flexibility for the right mix of functionality, performance, and cost requirements. With Arm’s unique architectural benefits, NFVTime for Arm offers CSPs enhanced security and higher performance, without sacrificing the carrier-grade lifecycle management, openness and ease-of-integration already available with NFVTime for other platforms.


NFVTime is an open and neutral plug-and-play uCPE suite delivering a complete service environment for the smooth and rapid launch of NFV services, along with service lifecycle management and operational tools.

NFVTime’s QuickDeploy solution provides an NFVi-OS and uCPE Mano lite solution that enables seamless automated deployment of any VNF over mixed x86 and Arm white boxes with carrier-grade service and device lifecycle management.

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NFVTime Suite Components

  • NVFTime-OS: Thin and robust NFVi-OS based on open-source, components optimized to turn any white box into a high performance, carrier class uCPE
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  • NFVTime Central: MANO management and orchestration platform supporting deployment automation, zero-touch provisioning, VNF lifecycle management, and uCPE service monitoring and operation
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  • NFVTime Access: A set of out-of-the-box, value-added service bundles and generic open uCPEs to instantly deploy VNF services

NFVTime + Arm

NFVTime BenefitsArm Benefits
  • Run any VNF on any white box
  • QuickDeploy suite shortens time to service and supports carrier-class operations
  • Flexible, simple MANO, BSS and OSS integration 
  • Open uCPE for any white box, VNF and SD- WAN avoids vendor lock-in 
  • Remote, on-demand services deployment with zero-touch provisioning 
  • Minimize CAPEX in preliminary deployment with no need for data center 
  • High performance on low resource environments, even for complex service chains 
  • True open and agile business model with high portability and mix-and-match deployment of X86/Arm white boxes
  • More choices innovative solutions with a variety of SoC offerings
  • Enhanced hardware-based security with ARM TrustZone 
  •  High performance full offload of data plane packet processing operations
  • Both in-line and look-aside crypto security acceleration 
  • Run more VNFs on the same core count 
  • Higher core count at same or lower price point supporting higher throughput 
  • Future proof, supporting innovation and new use cases through programmable firmware

NFVTime-ARM Alliance

Telco Systems’ ecosystem of certified hardware vendors, VNF vendors, and MANO partners ensure smooth deployment and service rollout. With the introduction of NFVTime for Arm, Telco Systems is extending its alliance with new hardware and VNF partners that seamlessly support the Arm-based uCPE solution.