Plug-and-Play Open uCPE Suite

Telco Systems NFVTime enables communication service providers (CSPs) to deliver on-demand VNF services with zero-touch provisioning. With the ability to use lost-cost COTS white boxes to deploy multiple, preconfigured VNFs, CSPs can begin providing high-quality, carrier-grade services today. 

NFVTime is an open and neutral plug-and-play uCPE suite delivering a complete service environment for the smooth and rapid launch of NFV services, along with service lifecycle management and operational tools.

NFVTime enables CSPs to immediately begin deploying scalable, customized VNF services, offering on-demand managed business services, On-Net and OTT/Off-Net.

Main Features

  • Fully Automated, Zero-Touch Provisioning - With full lifecycle management integration, CSPs can simply ship a white box to the customer site for provisioning, with any future changes or additions done on-demand with the click of a button.
  • Seamless Integration - Flexible deployment models support both local and centralized controller configurations with a standard, open northbound interface and broad support of VNFs and white boxes.
  • Secure and Hardened Systems - Integrated security features protect the environment against security vulnerabilities by monitoring the NFV network topology, flows, and service chaining, alerting on possible vulnerabilities and unauthorized changes
  • Optimized Performance - Designed to run multiple VNFs on low resource white box hardware with high throughput, offering the best cost / performance across Intel x86 and Arm's CPU portfolio.

Key Benefits to CSPs

  • Use Any VNF on Any White Box – Avoid vendor lock-in by using any white box (Intel or Arm) to run any VNF, ensuring future-proof business and technology agility.
  • Flexible Deployment Strategy - Flexible, mix-and-match approach to NFV gives CSPs the flexibility to create the NFV environment and deploy NFVs and new services at their own pace. 
  • Drive New Innovation - Introduce new services in days or weeks with simplified VNF creation and deployments, lowering risk and accelerating innovation.  
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership – With increased automation, new NFV architecture, a central MANO, and no need for data center, CSPs can deploy VNFs to the customer edge, replacing expensive legacy equipment with multi-functional white boxes and mitigating the need for truck rolls or on-site service technicians.

Telco Systems' NFVTime uCPE Suite Components

1. NFVTime-OS

NFVTime-OS is the thin and robust NFVi for uCPE optimized to turn any white box into a high performance, fully operational uCPE. Ready for carrier-class deployments, NFVTime-OS architecture is based on open source projects and supports out-of-the-box hardware from leading hardware vendors as well as a broad, ever-growing VNF library. 

2. NFVTime-Access

NFVTime Access is a set of out-of-the-box, value-added service bundles and generic open uCPEs to instantly deploy VNF services and meet any business and networking requirement. NFVTime Access devices run NFVTime-OS and are auto-configured out-of-the-box for customer needs with any combination of vRouter, vFW, vSD-WAN and any other VNF service from Telco Systems partners. 
  • CloudMetro™ – Hybrid MEF CE2.0 compliant NID integrated with open x86 compute uCPE
  • Verge™ – service-ready uCPE based on generic open white box integrated with NFVi-OS and bundle of VNFs
  • Verge-WAN™ - SD-WAN solution running on open x86 compute plus any additional customer selected VNF service 

uCPE Models # Cores CPU RAM Storage # Ports
End-to-End Service ready
Pretested and preconfigured with any combination of vRouter, vFW, vSD-WAN and any other VNF service
Verge-White 1000 4/8/16/32 Intel Atom C2558/C2758, Intel SkyLake i3/i5/i7, Intel Xeon-D/Xeon-E 8GB/16GB/ 32GB/32GB 500GB HDD/1TB HDD/ 128GB SSD/ 256GB SSD/512GB SSD 4
Verge-WAN 2000 8
Verge-Router 3000 4
Verge-Sec 4000 4
For high throughput and resiliency
High-end Hybrid uCPE integrates x86 compute + 1G/10G full MEF CE2.0 compliant NID with L2, L3, MPLS
CloudMetro 10 4/8 i3-6100/i7-4790S 16GB SSD 128GB 6
CloudMetro 100 4/8 i5-4590S/i7-4790S 16GB SSD 128GB 11
3. NFVTime Central

NFVTime Central is a MANO management and orchestration platform supporting deployment automation, zero- touch provisioning, VNF lifecycle management, and uCPE service monitoring and operations. A complete remote management and control system, NFVTime Central enables modern NFV edge deployments. 

The solution starts with the zero-touch deployment of a device and follows with automatic activation, authentication, and upgrade of software components. The ability to define service templates with multiple VNFs and network profiles by the customer or by customer site dramatically reduces deployment time and operational support costs and enables speedy reaction to create and offer new services.

NFVTime Central simplifies, accelerates, and automates the lifecycle procedures with Home Calling, Remote Backup and Restore, Remote Upgrade, and Customer-Service management features.

It is natively integrated with Telco Systems CloudMetro™ 10/100 uCPE (Integrated CE NID and x86), Verge 1000/2000/3000 uCPE (pure x86 platform) and third party certified White Boxes (Bring your own device business model for x86 platforms), all based on NFVTime-OS, a robust, open source, comprehensive NFVi-OS.

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4. NFVTime Alliance

Telco Systems is committed to offering CSPs and their customers best-of-breed solutions and technologies, something that extends to the extensive, rich partner ecosystem. Key VNFs, coming from leading vendors, include routing, firewall, security, VPN encryption, WAN optimization, SD-WAN, unified communications, anti- spyware, content filtering and IDS/IPS. 

NFVTime™ Pre-certified VNF and Service Packages

NFVTime: Solving the Practical Deployment Challenges of uCPE