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Oct 6, 2014

Leveraging SDN and NFV technologies for better broadband service

RCR Wireless

Communications today are all about the Internet, with more and more devices and applications requiring online connectivity to function. Subscribers are demanding faster connectivity with quicker provisioning of services at lower prices. With such market conditions, scaling up operations in a cost-effective and profitable manner is a huge challenge for service providers around the world.

Software-defined networks and network function virtualization technologies are among the most talked about technologies in the networking and communications industries, although most service providers are still learning about the potential benefits of these two innovative technologies.

SDN and NFV technologies allow service providers to better control the various components of their network. These technologies allow service providers to increase the efficiency of their networks and make their existing infrastructure more functional. SDN allows a centralized control over programming of various network components, while NFV consolidates a range of network equipment through virtualization to let service providers convert single function appliances into multi-function/multipurpose devices.