Media Coverage

Mar 3, 2016

NFV Security Solution from Telco Systems Wins the Gold


The NFV CyberGuard solution from Telco Systems got the gold in the Best Security Products for Telecommunications category of the Global Excellence Awards.

Telco Systems launched NFV CyberGuard in October. This solution, the company says, addresses security vulnerabilities found in network functions virtualization and software-defined networking environments. It does that by collecting application-level session information and organizing a database of expected network behavior so it can spot anomalies such as advance persistent threats; direct denial of service, flooding, and NFVi attempts, remote access threats, spoofing, and virtual machine attacks.

CyberGuard is made up of network monitoring sensors running on the Telco Systems big data analytics engine, the CloudMetro virtualization platform, and an SDN controller running on the company’s EdgeGenie Orchestrator.