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TM7000 Series

Telco Systems next generation Carrier Ethernet aggregation solutions cater for today’s networks need to aggregate 1Gbe and 10Gbe services to higher capacity links. 

Ever increasing traffic volumes from end-users, offices, branches, data centers and cell-sites, requires intelligent devices with the ability to handle traffic growth while assuring the connectivity and quality of service. Ethernet L2 services, aiming to offer Carrier Grade should be be able to deliver traffic from both common business Ethernet services (such as MEF 2.0 E-LINE, E-LAN, E-TREE, and E-ACCESS, and L2 VPN over MPLS), as well as L3 VPN.

Telco Systems aggregation solutions are able to converge L2 and L3 capabilities and to aggregate traffic from multiple services more efficiently. This is achieved with Carrier Grade multi-ports products that also incorporates multiple protocols that address specific application-driven services for business and cellular vertical markets. The products support a variety of SLA enabling features and assure service providers seamless interoperability with the combo IP/MPLS core network.

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