Telco Systems Named a Top Edge Computing Company to Watch in 2023, for Groundbreaking Edgility Platform

Groundbreaking Edgility Platform
Telco Systems’ Edgility Recognized by ‘Insights Success’ for Revolutionizing Edge Computing.

Mansfield, MA, August 29, 2023Telco Systems, the leading vendor of innovative communications software solutions, is pleased to announce its has been featured by ‘Insights Success’ in its ‘Top Edge Computing Companies to Watch in 2023’ issue. The edition’s cover story highlights Telco Systems’ revolutionary advancements in edge computing and the significant impact of the Edgility platform on Edge Computing deployment and on-going management.  

In the issue, ‘Insights Success recognized Telco Systems’ commitment to driving innovation and its unwavering dedication to simplifying edge computing. The feature article, titled “Telco Systems: Fostering Advanced Computing for Seamless Digital Transformation,” delves into the unique capabilities and game-changing benefits the Edgility platform offers. 

Edgility is a platform for edge computing that simplifies the deployment, operations, and life-cycle management of complex business apps, network functions, and computing devices, on edge, at scale.
As real-time applications, boosted with 5G capabilities, continue to gain momentum, the role of Edge Computing becomes ever more critical. With its Edgility platform, Telco Systems enables global enterprises, service providers, and system integrators to build and operate sophisticated virtual networks with efficient, yet powerful, edge devices, and future-proof application onboarding 

Insights Success highlights Edgility’s exceptional ability to eliminate the complexity of managing a spectrum of edge devices across thousands of distributed sites connected by any network to any data center or cloud provider. With these capabilities, Telco Systems is transforming the industry and enabling businesses to deliver low-latency, high-bandwidth services at the network edge. 

“We are honored to be featured in Insights Success’ ‘Top Edge Computing Companies to Watch in 2023’ issue, and to have the opportunity to expose how Telco Systems is empowering businesses with a high-performance Edge Computing platform to transform their operations and uncover new revenue sources,” said Ariel Efrati, CEO of Telco Systems. “Edge Computing is revolutionizing communications with exciting new possibilities and Edgility is at the forefront of this industry’s innovation, with focused solutions for a variety of use cases. We’re excited to see the recognition, as well as the industry being transformed”.  

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About Telco Systems 

Telco Systems is a leading vendor of innovative communications software products for the new generation of edge computing and enterprise networks. Telco Systems enables global enterprises, communications service providers, and system integrators to build and operate sophisticated virtual networks with powerful edge devices and endless application schemes. Telco Systems’ products are successfully deployed at large carriers and enterprises around the world, delivering resilient, secured, and flexible connectivity between thousands of branches and the cloud., 

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