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T-Marc 280

Telco Systems’ T-Marc™ 280 is a cost-effective, fully-managed Carrier Ethernet demarcation device that provides service termination and demarcation over service providers’ packet-based networks. As a customer-located intelligent demarcation device, the T-Marc 280 delivers managed converged services (voice, video, and data) over virtual Ethernet in metro Ethernet networks. Advanced Layer 2 networking using Telco Systems’ AccessEthernet allows total flexibility in the deployment and delivery of Ethernet services, while physical and logical channel networking capabilities provide bandwidth profiles, advanced traffic classes, and complete control over how subscriber traffic is transported and managed across a service provider’s network. Different applications are prioritized over different traffic-engineered paths, multi-level operations, administration and maintenance (OAM) are used to measure and ensure provisioned service level agreements (SLA).

Product Highlights

  • Managed demarcation for converged services
  • Flexible architecture supporting
  • Extensive Layer 2 functionality with non-blocking wire-speed switching capabilities
  • Comprehensive management supported by BiNOSCenterNG and EdgeGenie Service Management
  • Flexible management options for remote alarms/provisioning
  • Control, monitoring, line testing, and loopback capabilities for remote fault isolation
  • Redundant uplinks for protected services and link aggregation
  • Enhanced security and protection mechanisms
  • Granular rate limiting for ingress and egress
  • Compact 1RU design with desktop, rack, and wall-mounting options
  • Purpose-built technology for optimized CAPEX and OPEX

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