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T-Marc 300 (Series)

The T-Marc300 Series Ethernet Service Demarcation and Extension devices deliver managed converged services (voice, video, and data) over virtual Ethernet, MPLS/VPLS, and IP networks.

This series of devices allows service providers to deliver multiple services on separate customer interfaces, including multiple services over a single customer interface. Since each service is isolated, providers can not only troubleshoot each individual service without impacting the others but also have the ability to provide service extension and remote management.

Service providers can use operations, administration, and maintenance (OAM) tools to measure and ensure provisioned service level agreement (SLA). The devices’ embedded security controls ensure protection against denial-of-service attacks. Advanced Layer 2 networking, using Telco Systems’ access Ethernet, allows total flexibility in the deployment and delivery of Ethernet services. Physical and virtual networking capabilities provide automated address management and discovery, bandwidth profiles, advanced traffic classes, and complete control over subscriber traffic transport across a service provider’s network.

Telco Systems’ EdgeGenie Orchestrator™ CE 2.0 & SDN/ NFV Management System offers a modular and complete solution for the full life cycle of network deployment. EdgeGenie Orchestrator’s modules include a Carrier Ethernet/MPLS end to- end service management system with an SDN controller (TelcoController) module that manages OpenFlow switches and an NFV Orchestrator (TelcoOrchestrator) module that directs distributed NFV deployments, including TelcoApps VM initiation, configuration and maintenance, service attachment and chaining, and VNF resiliency.

Product Highlights

  • High port density on a small footprint
  • Assured SLA using a sophisticated HQoS scheme
  • Hardware-based embedded Y.1564 and RFC 2544 test heads for service turn-up testing
  • SLA monitoring using TWAMP and Y.1731 testing methods
  • Redundant uplink for protected services
  • Multi-layer control, monitoring, line testing, and loopback for fail-safe operation using hardware-based OAM
  • IEEE and ITU-T standards compliance for multi-vendor interoperability
  • Zero-touch provisioning
  • Extended temperature and extended wide range power models available
  • Outdoor operating temperature
  • Combo fiber/copper Ethernet ports for deployment flexibility and reduced sparing
  • NEBS Level 1 compliant
  • Jumbo frames support

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