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T-Marc 3312

Telco Systems’ T-Marc 3312SC/SCH Ethernet/MPLS/IP and TDM CES Demarcation device offers an all-in-one solution that meets the increasing challenge of modern L2/L3 services as well as extending TDM

circuits over packet networks. T-Marc 3312SC/SCH supports IEEE802.1q, Q-in-Q, and MPLS transport technologies, providing high flexibility in network design and future-proofing the network with no additional software licenses. It provides access to advanced data services such as virtual private wire services (VPWS), VPLS and HVPLS, and MPLS L3VPN, simplifying the network and making it easier to manage while gaining MPLS-added value.

The T-Marc 3312SC/SCH offers one of the densest demarcation devices on the market, incorporating high capacity in a compact “shoe-box” size (1RU by ½RU width), with 4 x 10/100/1000BaseTx, 8 x dual-speed (100M/1G) fiber ports and 8 x E1/ T1 Circuit Emulation Service (CES) ports for 2G/3G and TDM circuits migration. The T-Marc 3312SC/SCH48VDC), making it optimal for telecom environment deployments.

T-Marc 3312SCH is the same product as the T-Marc 3312SC, with the addition of BITS in/out interfaces support clock and hardened temperature (-40°C to 65°C / -40°F to 149°F).

Product Highlights

  • Mobile backhaul 2G/3G/4G optimized demarcation device
  • A Premium Carrier Ethernet, MPLS & IP and L2/L3 VPN service demarcation device
  • A Wire speed, non-blocking switching
  • Support for high amounts of service using Hierarchical QoS (HQoS)
  • Multiple resiliency mechanisms
  • An Extensive, field-proven OAM support
  • Circuit Emulation Services (CES) for TDM over packet
  • MEF, IEEE, ITU-T, and IETF standards compliance
  • A multi-vendor interoperable
  • Integrated with EdgeGenie Service Management System
  • A Hardened temperature
  • A Small footprint

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