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Shaping the future of intelligent connectivity with innovative, large-scale edge-as-a-service and Network Edge solutions for leading service providers and global enterprises.

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Harness the power of the intelligent edge with Edgility, our game-changing platform for edge computing.  Edgility simplifies the deployment, operation, and management of all your edge resources – applications, devices, and network functions – at scale.  This means faster time-to-value, improved operational efficiency, and a future-proofed edge infrastructure, all from a single, unified platform.  Empower your network with Edgility and unlock the true potential of the intelligent edge.

Power Your Network with Telco Systems’ Carrier Ethernet

Deliver mission-critical traffic and everyday data with Telco Systems’ Carrier Ethernet solutions. Our comprehensive portfolio offers a range of access products and technologies designed for telecom service providers.  We ensure assured bandwidth, iron-clad data security, and minimized downtime, all backed by Service Level Agreements (SLAs) you can trust.  Whether building a mobile backhaul network, connecting businesses, or aggregating high-capacity links, Telco Systems Carrier Ethernet empowers you to provide exceptional service.

How we help businesses grow

Edge Connectivity

Ensure seamless operations with a robust and cost effective edge-to-cloud connection; Harness the potential of real-time data and unlock a future of smarter, faster, and more efficient experiences.

Scalable Performance

These high-capacity platforms easily aggregate traffic from multiple demarcation devices. They offer scalability and support various service types, including L2 and L3 VPNs, to handle evolving network demands.

Simplified Management

Gain centralized control over your Telco Systems Carrier Ethernet network. EdgeGenie streamlines deployment, provisioning, and troubleshooting, ensuring efficient network operation.

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