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What will 2019 bring to the Telecom industry?

The year 2019 promises to be a very interesting one for the telecommunications sector as technologies have reached technological and operational maturity.
Read more about: Edge computing, SD-WAN; moving away from the Blackberry trap, 5G momentum and Ecosystems growth.

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Telco Systems Furthers Strategic Partnership with Arm® Neoverse™

Telco Systems delivers transformative NFV solutions based on the new Arm Neoverse architecture, designed to support the demands of a trillion intelligent devices.
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NFVTime with Arm-based NXP technology improves cost/performance

Telco Systems solution has reached a groundbreaking 3-to-5x performance increase in the development of a full OVS (Open vSwitch) data path hardware offload, using Arm-based NXP Semiconductors technology.

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