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EdgeGenie Service Management​

Provision, Monitor, Maintain, and Optimize the Network Edge

Telco Systems’ EdgeGenie service management system offers a complete solution for the full life cycle of network deployment, from planning to managing, monitoring, and maintaining Ethernet services. Assuring services end-to-end requires knowing how services are being delivered across the network. Understanding how network resources are being utilized and identifying and correcting problems quickly is key to reducing customer churn.

EdgeGenie optimizes network resources by utilizing sophisticated path computation algorithms to ensure ongoing optimization. An advanced planning tool allows the operator to model “what if” scenarios to predict how network changes affect service delivery. With EdgeGenie, providers can visualize how services are transported across the network and how changes will affect the existing operational network.

EdgeGenie lowers operational costs by dramatically reducing the complexity of service management in the Ethernet edge network. While it is designed specifically for Telco Systems’ IP edge and aggregation devices, it can also coexist with third-party vendors’ MPLS cloud to ensure that services are delivered end-to-end.

A next-generation GUI design streamlines system usage to save time and manpower costs. Quick action buttons enable the operator to access a wide range of options without going through a series of pull-down menus. This unique navigational design simplifies complex operational procedures for network operators.

Product Highlights

  • End-to-end service enabling
  • Next-generation GUI design
  • Robust and scalable multi-server architecture with full component resilience
  • End-to-end multi-protocol provisioning, including both MPLS and Ethernet tunnels
  • End-to-end computation of redundant paths to protect services
  • GUI-based service analyzer for quick visual access to services
  • Customer Network Management to allow end users to manage their own services
  • Standard (MTOSI complaint) north-bound interface

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